January 10, 2007

Aranmor is in quarantine.....

...and I am carding brown merino wool.

Lovely variegated - my mother got some untreated natural brown variegated australian merino some years ago, and never really got around to spin it. Then the grease got hard. She cooked it, and the locks were still clumps. So now I am teasing them, carding them... and will see what to do next. Spin, probably. I am having way too much fun seperating the induvidual colours, and am thinking that I might do a long thread that progressively gets darker (if I am organized enough) and ply it with the "just variegated" single my mother has already spun out of it - if it is long enough. If not, I might have to spin some "just as it is" of the fleece and ply with my very organized single.

Have a really nice day


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