January 09, 2007

Eh... what?

I measured both squares.

One has 23 stitches, the other 25. They both tell me that they have 17 stitches /4inches?? And 25 rows/10 inches? Yet I can see, by simple comparing, that the square with the 5mm needle and 25 stitches is 4 stitches wider than the one with the 4,5 needle? What is happening? Can't i count?

They dont even look similar - one looks and feels much more dense than the other.I have no idea what happened.

I will let them rest for today and see what happens tomorrow. Maybe the gauge faeries will change gauge on one of the squares?

Have a really nice day


Emily said...

I hate it when that happens. It makes me crazy. I hope the gauge faries can fix this up for you!

Knitting Keeps me Sane said...

They did - almost. Apparently the "aran" style is not for people who like their clothes to be somewhere near their body :-)

I guess I will either revamp the sweater entirely or let it be.