January 15, 2007

Charity Knitting

First, there is a long overdue project (Related to Firefly's Gracious Parcels Project), where I knitted three squares and left another on the needles. They are knitted on the bias to be sure that they are approx. 7". They are not, but I will block them later today if I can keep up this scaring effectiveness. If I cannot make them grow to 7" all, seeing how they are a bit different, I will knit another, bigger square for Firefly and make a pillow cover out of these squares. The yarn is a 90% wool / 10% plastic yarn that was handdyed with walnut, and the needles are my very first sock needles, now converted to short straights by glueing a bead on one end.

I love this colour

A bonus picture:

What the storm did to my house. Luckily, it is not raining through.

Have a really nice day


1 comment:

firefly said...

The squares look beautiful. I think it won't be a problem if they are not quite 7". The squares I received for the first blanket varied quite a bit in size, even though every one was trying for 7". Some were spot on, some not. But, the sewing together process brought it all together.

Best to you,