January 14, 2007


How much did I knit this weekend?

Not one single stitch.

We were at our local campsite, Tydal, an old farm that was bought by the scouts in the 60's and rebuilt to be a camp site with huts, meeting facilities, and lots of space for tents. It is also really good for all kinds of scout activities. There is a little river right along the edge of the campgrounds, forests etc.

We had so much fun in our rover group, called "Garfield". Of course, we watched Garfield (2, because we watched 1 last time), played with the baby (My nephew), organized some activities for the little scouts (scared the cr*p out of them), ate pizza until we almost puked and discussed how much more it would have to rain before we would have to swim home, seeing how the little river had swallowed an area almost 10 times as wide as it is normally.

Oh! I also found something to try with the yarn I wanted to use for the Aranmor sweater. It is the beautifull red cabled sweater in the Winter IK. Something tells me that I should try to make bust shaping, well maybe, I must see.

Have a really nice day


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