January 07, 2007

Welcome to my new home

Welcome everybody from my old blog, http://www.keepknitting.blogger.de .
It is not as though I were tired of it, but it was very inconvenient - the comments were tedious as they required an (german) registration, and there was a very nasty spammer that the software, no matter how I tweaked it, could not ban.

I am also looking forward to a more easily customized template, and a sidebat where I can finally link my most favourite blogs for everyone to see. There are some incredible, but overlooked blogs out there. Crazy as it might sound, one of those has even prompted me to make a budget and really get a grip on my own life - sheesh, the words say it all, right? MY OWN .... It is nobody elses, so why should they care? Why should anyone but myself (And those I make care because of the way I act and live) care? Uh Oh.. Rant.. *laughs*

Have a really nice day



Helen said...

Welcome to Blogger, Lene. I look forward to seeing more of your lovely lace.

Swapna Padmanabh said...

Hey Lene! You go with that budget...I'm still trying to get my life as I want it. I started this major makeover last April and it's never ending, I keep coming up with new ways to torture myself! Part of my makeover included watching what I buy, and trying not to be excessive...but I haven't actually attacked my home budget. Maybe you can give me some pointers!