November 07, 2007

Mission: Impossible

This is crazy. It seems I cannot be trusted around tools of any trade! I prick myself with knitting needles, have crazy incidents with little sewing needles that lodge themselves in my foot so that the doctor must cut them out, but today I did something I dont believe anybody has done before me.

I got a cut on the top of my biggest toe (Thumb toe). With... my quilting ruler.

Beat that!

(Maybe I shouldnt work on the floor, naked, late, and then hurry to get up, throwing my legs all around me...)

But still. A cut on my toe, made with a ruler. (It has pretty sharp sides.. yeah.. uhm). That has got to be on the top of "Dumb, but darned funny crafting acidents where nobody got badly hurt"

Have a nice day- I am knitting a teeny bit, but my progress - my FO - is not to be shown publicly before dec. 6th where it will be given away as a present.


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