February 14, 2007

Call in the Knitters!

In my scout troop, rather my rover group, we have an ambition to have a soccer team of little uns before 2009 - and we're well off already, with a 14 month old and one to come september - if we were aiming for an indoor team of 7, that is :-)

Nevertheless, this new arrival should - and will - be honoured. I am currently thinking very hard about what I should knit as the Mother-to-be and I are not extremely close. Maybe a pair of bootees and a Garfield (our mascot) stuffie?

Have a nice day



Donna Boucher said...

Hi Lene,
I am happy to see you have a new blog. I have enjoyed reading your other blog...but I always wanted to leave you a note.

Happy to see you again!


Emily said...

Booties sound good to me! Good luck with the soccer team (in a few more years hahah).