January 28, 2007


As can be seen in the previous post - the picture with the iced tree - it is cold here.
So, why not knit a hat?
Hats are a good thing - they can be knitted out of one ball of yarn, or some scraps. They are quick projects and you can go completely nuts with colours, yarns and shapes.

Camerons Cap. The link was in another blog, and I fell completely in love with the pattern.

First try:

Mistake! The short-rowed earflaps are twice as long as intended.

This hat envelopes my whole head, covers my neck, overlaps generously underneath my chin and only lets my nose peek out.

Little blue hat

It fits more like an aviator cap - well, it is too small for me. Maybe for nephew next winter?

Little blue hat from the side

I like this pattern. It looks cute, is quick and yet not boring.


The hats are quite differently sized - 104 st. for one, and 84 st. for the other. Double short rows in one, right number in the other. Little i-cord detail on one, and contrast colour detail on the other one.

None of these are quite right. However, I think I can make the big one work by taking out the lower portion and reknitting the earflaps from the top down. Maybe I will just try a third one with 94 stitches. If I dont alter the large one, however, I can throw it out :-/

The pattern is a good one, though, if you bother to read it. It is not for a beginner or faint of heart, as it assumes a great deal. No problem for an intermediate knitter though. Plus that the hats are adorable and very special.

Lots of work

Crumpled mass of handspun yarn

It does not really look like anything, but this beast is over 6 hours of my life, not counting the spinning of the yarn - I CO 624 stitches with the backwards loop CO, and spent a whopping 3,5 hours knitting the first row. I had gotten as far as
row 5, but have to frog back row 5 and 4 because I made two irreperable mistakes in the set-up row. I hate set-up rows. However easy the lace pattern may be, making mistakes is so easy.

Have a really nice day


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